Tuesday, December 13, 2005

bonjour! je m'appelle bonom! JUST JOKES

K, so hi there. Today was a relatively good day. I got 100% on my math test and my mom said that this person said that i was next to get some award thing which is not true but i am very thankful for her niceness anyways. and I LOOOOOOOOVE shopping. Sorry, that was uncalled for. Ummm, my secret santa gave me chocolat yesterday. Nobody e-mails me!!!!!! I've sent bunches of people e-mails and they don't e-mail me back. Like, HELLO!!!!!!!!! Meanness, sometimes when I type hello I forget to add the last o so then i sounds like I'm being mean but I'm not. I might get a cell phone woooooot woooooot. That is exciting, I really want a camera phone but I dunno if my pops will let me. He probably won't if I continue to call him pops haha. Life is a roller coaster and I never though that I'd be saying that. I really hate it when you answer a sheet of questions for school but then students mark it and some get bad on it and some get good because it depends on how hard the marker is. Like that happened today and one of my friends basically copied my answers and she got 30 out of 30 and I only got 28.5 out of 30. Well not 'only' because if I thought that was a bad mark then I'd be turning into one of those people that I make fun of and hate. It's just annoying to know that I should've gotten 100% but didn't because of the person marking it. Sigh.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Moi... Back From My 'Busy' Life!

It's not that I have a busy life, just a lazy life. But I must say, I pride myself in my laziness - it's a true talent. I must give you an update though, I can't quite fathom I could remember all that has happened.

Well last night my life group had this mall scavenger hunt and then we went to a movie - Yours, Mine and Ours - cute but cheesy and the 2 eldest girls had the most GORGEOUS clothes and the two eldest boys are major hotties! Today I went shopping with my mom, they had the absolute cutest shirt, it just happened to be $50 and I happen to be $50 short on money! It is on my Christmas list though, so I'm really hoping for it. Tonight me and my mom went to Pride and Prejiduce (however you spell that funny word) and it was SUCH a great movie, I really loved it!

Between November 10 and now, I absolutely cannot remember what happened so I'll move on to my latest 'annoyance'.

Here goes: there's this girl in my class, and she's nice and everything - she's a friend, not a close one, but a friend all the same. Last year she bought a jacket almost the same as mine and I hate that because I adore this jacket and I am proud of my clothing collection, including outerwear, and I don't appreciate being copied. So, my plan was to wear this jacket before she did this year so people would know that the fabulous orange jacket was truly my 'domain' but she wore it first so now I'm just SOOOO steamng mad at her. I will freeze this winter, I am sure.

On Monday we are having a new girl join grade 9, I'm excited because I love to meet people but also a little dissapointed that she's coming. I have finally gotten to a point in my life where I am a friend with all the girls in grade 9. Just lately I became a friend with a girl that I have hated for over a year. If someone new comes that could stir things up, even if she is a very sweet girl.

Well now, I must go. Farewell to all who have the time and patience to read this!

Friday, November 04, 2005

life is GOOD!

OK, last weekend I went shopping and I got 3 shirts (woohoo), and then the whole week was boring tests and quizzes and homework which I should do now to get it out of the way for the weekend but who cares cause I'm not! Tonight I'm going to the mall and then my life group thingee (woohoo again) and then the whole next week will be tests and quizzes and homework and the dreaded report cards. So weekends are good weeks are bad! Very simple! Anyways, I'm out of my 'depression stage' or whatever you'd like to call that!

You know that nexopia site that I think is oh so stupid? Well, I made one for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON!!! And then I actually started writing on it - I am totally going against my beliefs. Well, I don't intend to write on it anymore. The only interesting part is reading people's comments which is what I do and oh ya, looking at pictures. My best friend made a nex today and she put 5 pictures on and not 1 was of me! She had 1 picture and it was all our friends except me and then under it she wrote 'my friends' and since I'm a female I'm feeling just a little bit hurt about that. But not hurt enough to care!

In gym we are playing volleyball which I suck at and therefore don't really like but today I got to ref instead of play which rocked cause I got to stand on this tall thing and blow the whistle real loud.

I love life!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

bitter envy and depression

I hate life. There's absolutely no purpose. I wish I could fall into a deep sleep like Sleeping Beauty and wake up only when my prince charming is there to whisk me away to a world of joy and happiness.

I don't even know what's wrong with me. Every little thing just piles up and makes life stink. Bitter envy and depression is my life right now. I hate how I can't take control of my life, it just goes on and I feel like a stranger watching my life as a horror film. Helpless. I mean there's nothing I can do about it.

There's no one I can talk to and I hate that. I want to be filled with joy once again but it seems to fake. Is everyone really as happy as they seem? Or is it just me living this screwed up life. Am I the only one with these kinds of problems?

Friday, October 14, 2005

So Glad It's The Weekend Again!

I hate school so much. Last year the subject I understand and enjoyed the most was math and now I can't understand a thing about it and I detest it with all of my being. My option (drama) is pretty fun but I don't like some of the people in the class so it's sorta annoying. Next half-of-the-year (not sure the professional name) I'll be taking Clowning and Puppeting if I can get into it and I'm so excited for that!

For LA we get to write stories and this was my idea: A fantasy about a world that lives upon the clouds full of marshmallow men (and ladies but marshmallow people doesn't sound as good as marshmallow men) and fairies. The most common source of transportation is something along the lines of a dump truck, which I haven't quite designed yet, but it will be so cool! I'm going to make up a bunch of cute animals too! So, do you like it? I wanted to do something really abnormal cause I'm so sick of writing stories and I wanna write somthing where I get to create it. I'm really excited about it! I just really hope I don't get marks off for it being sorta lame and stupid. Well, I don't think it's lame and stupid but she might (she being the teacher).

You know what bugs me? When people describe things as 'gay'. Wait, it's not that I'm offended by it or anything I just think it's so pointless. People are like, "That test was so gay!" What I wanna know is how is a test is gay?! I know there's some strange descriptive words (like 'da bomb' - which I am proud to say I do not say) but gay? Who comes up with these things!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's The Long Weekend!

4 days of doing nothing except watching TV and eating food. K, well a little more than that but ya know what I mean. I have gotten so much clothes lately it's craziness, I feel pretty mean cause I get all this nice stuff and there's some poeple in the world who can't even afford an old, ugly t-shirt cause they live in such poverty. But anyways, I got the cutest coat at Jacob Conexion, it's blue plaid and it's down to the knees and I also got a cord jacket and it looks like there's a sweater underneat and I got a cream vest with fur around the neck, fur boots (mind you I did have to pay for some of this) and some other littler things.

Today I'm going to Blessings to get a Bible - I'm getting the Message cause I totally understand it which pretty much rocks. I have to buy it with my own money though.

Oh, guess what else! Our school sells mag subscriptions and since my mom works at the school we get half price! I'm getting LouLou, Shine Brightly, Fashion18 and ElleGirl!

I'm so starved right now. My dad is supposed to be coming home sometime in the next half hour to feed me but if he doesn't come home soon I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

For supper last night I made Bowtie Alfredo, it was my best yet! We also had salad with a oil vinegar type dressing and some buns - sooooooo good!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nothing To Say... So Far Away... Talking To You...

Haha, that's a song! So I'm in school and I have a lot of homework. But I made a new friend (yes, I realize that sounds lame and only kindergarteners say that). But I did! We were laughing so hard cause we do the stupidest things. It's halarious. We do things that would get us in trouble and we set everything up for our grand plan and then we totally freak out about how we're gonna get in trouble - do fun!

I made a sorta friend too. She's so nice and she goes to my church so we might go to youth together (my youth has finally gotten good!!! I actually learned something and almost started crying (ahhhh, how embarassing)). She's so sweet though!

I have to do a devo for my class tomorrow, I'm reading from my Precious Moments book (awwww) it's about Thanksgiving and it's gonna be so cute!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Don't Worry - I've Not Abandoned You

I'm not one of those people who starts a blog and then completely forgets it (well, at least not yet) so rest assured that I'm here - just verrrry busy. I should be doing homework right now, (had a lot of it this weekend - read 4 chapters of the Hobbit (90 pages), do a story map for the first 10 chapters and do summaries for the first 10 chapters and that's only the beginning) but I'm not. My birthday was swell - got lots of great presents which I will tell you about when I have the time - I haven't even had the time to open 2 of my birthday present CDs. My big news for the day is that I'm adopting a manatee - y'all should too, they're endangered you know. His name's Howie and his favourite activity is tipping the researcher's canoe - how cute! Gotta run - have to start on my Hobbit story map which would be fabulous except for the fact that I can't draw. Y'all should check out my Science teacher's homework blog, it rocks - not. Anyways, go to it and see all my Science homework (check the grade 9 homework) - http://mrwerthshomework.blogspot.com.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


It's true - I hate it. Nobody knew that when I went to the washroom it was cause I couldn't hold in my tears anymore or that I put on make up to cover my tear stained face. Nobody knows that tonight I'll probably cry myself to sleep and tell myself that I am a waste of breathe. There are 2 songs that represent my life right now. 'Welcome to My Life' by Simple Plan and 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson. But the people singing those songs don't really mean it - they're famous, they can have whatever they want. Me, I mean what those songs say.

I'm trying to be happy because my birthday's coming up and at least my friends love me but it's so hard. I wanna run away - I can't take this anymore.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Extra, Extra: Hottie Turned Seriously Ugly!

Nice title, hey?

I should really be doing my homework but instead I am taking time to update my seriously lacking blog!

Days Till My Birthday: 7 (aka 1 WEEK!!!)

The phone just rang. I hate answering the phone so much. I hate talking on the phone too. Phones are terrible things.

I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson right now. I'm really into her music right now!

We have a very serious matter at out hands. Kalan Porter is no longer hot. For those of you who watched Canadian Idol you also witnessed the sad and schocking truth. He used to be so totally hot last night and know, well, he's not very hot. Go to www.idol.ctv.ca and then to pictures to see the once very hot hottie turned ugly and then go to www.kalanporter.com to see how hot he once was. It's really sad.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Been So Long!

Haven't written in here for almost a week. And then this morning I was trying to log on to my account but I forgot my username and password but I am finally on!

Days Till My Birthday: 11

I started school last Tuesday. I don't really like it but hey, what can I do. It's really weird going to school without my brother. It's just me in the school, I can't really explain it but it's weird.

I also went on the Jr. High Campout Thursday till Friday. It was OK, I've never really liked the campout so I guess it was better than I expected.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wonderful Last Day of Summer Vaca

It's really quite sad that summer vacation is almost practically over. I start school TOMORROW! But, today was quite a good day because I went to my friends (who are twins) birthday party and it was so fun and most of my friends were there so it was a good time. I'm glad I didn't have to spend all day moping around. It was kind of sad though because the twins are going to a different school (public school - yikes, very scary. i never wanna go to public school) so it was our last day with them before their new school. We had tons of fun anyways though. We went to a lake and went on paddle boats and made water ballon families (actually that was just me and 2 of myfriends, everyone else had a water fight with the ballons) and ate yummy ice cream and pizza. It was so fun. And tomorrow's school - that's really sad.

Days Till My Birthday: 17 (woohoo, it's getting closer!)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

#1 Dealmaker

I hearby give myself a new name, the Master Dealmaker. Well, that doesn't really make sense because I didn't actually do any dealmaking I just bought cheap stuff! Haha, oh well - shhh it's a secret. To the point, I went shopping yesterday and I got a skirt and matching shirt and 2 pairs of ballet flats and a pair of shoe slippery things, all very nice, for guess how much money!?!? 33 bucks, I figured it out and if everything was at regular price it would've costed me 117 bucks. I got everything for 3 times less, it was a good day. The skirt was 10 (bucks), the shirt was 10 (bucks), shoes were 8 (bucks), 4 (bucks) and 2 (bucks) (how cheap is that!!!).

Days Till My Birthday: 18 (I need to go back to math class, I had to count on my fingers just to figure that out).

Before I go, thanks to 'littlejoe' who left a comment for me!!! You are the first one to ever leave a comment in my blog, you deserve a prize. Go out and buy yourself a bottle of Sparkling Cranberry Juice! Oh ya, I checked out your site. Not my thing but you put a lot of effort into it I can tell and I'm sure someone will enjoy it immensley.

And guess what, I'm almost done my book! It's the 3rd book in that Love Comes Softly series I think I might've talked about before. Soooo good. When I'm done book 3 I will move on to book 4 and then I will read my library books and then a Nancy Drew book that I never got around to reading and then I will read random stuff until my birthday and hopefully I will get some good books for my birthday!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dreading School

Don't really have much to write about today, life's pretty dull for me.

Days Till My Birthday: 19

I start school on Tuesday which I am soooo not looking forward to. I absolutely hate school. Teachers give so much homework which would be OK if I was smart. I mean, I'm not stupid but I'm not that smart either!!! Oh well, I got really awesome binders and school supplies. I need to figure out what I'm gonna put in my locker, I need to find some good pictures!! I ususally don't put stuff on my locker door cause the girl who's always above me always drops stuff on my locker and makes everything fall off. Last year the guy who liked me gave me a mini poster of Kalan Porter (I'm still trying to figure out why a guy who wants me to like him would give me a picture of a hot guy to look at, sorta screwed) and I typed it up there. I'm hoping to get the top edge locker this year, I always get the bottom edge locker which isn't that bad but I really want a top locker.

I might be going to the mall today, probably not though. And even if I do I probably can't buy anything - sob!

That's it for me, I'm out!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Oy Vai

People, why do you never leave me any comments!!! Well, probably because no one reads this. Why don't you people read my blog??? Aren't the pretty colors attractive, come ON!!!

Days Till My Birthday: 20

I have my first piano lesson with my new teacher today and I'm soooo excited! I got a really cool bag to hold my piano books in a couple days ago. Since I want you to be able to admire it too, the link is... Oh sheesh, the site is temporarily closed so I can't even show you what the bag looks like!

I really want to go shopping. I want to go to Le Chateau and Fairweather cause I saw some cute clothes in Le Chateau but it was closed so I couldn't go in and last time I was in Fairweather they had some really nice stuff (as always). I also wanna buy this cute sweater from Old Navy (again, i can't show you the link, curse you oldnavy.com!), it's a cream color and it comes to just above my elbow (elbows are gross) and then on the front it has all these fake pearl-like things and the buttons are fake pearl-like things, it is majorly nice. I also saw some cute ballet flat/slippers at Xcetra (that is ballet flat and slipper HEAVEN, they have like a whole section of a wall deovted to them), they're slip on and metalic silver and have a littlbe bow - sooo cute! The lady who works there is gonna call my mom when they go on sale so I can buy them for 10 bucks (right now there 20 bucks). I want to get a long, flowy, teal skirt to go with 'em!

Last night I went to firworks. Pretty good except that I came to see the firworks, not people's butts. Also, I came to smell fireworks (they don't really smell, though...) and all I could smell was the person beside me smoking, it was SO gross! Then people came and sat beside me who I didn't know (EW) and I was squished. Then on the bus we went on to get back to the mall (which i wanted to shop at cause I really like that mall, it's near my best friend's house and we've gone there a couple of times) the people in front of us were kissing. Sick, I am never gonna kiss anybody - I'm not getting married either. A husband just will tie me down, cause if I want to do something I want to do it when I want and I don't want no stinkin' husband tying me down no matter how hot he is. Then at about age 40 I will marry the love of my life (who will probably be already married cause he's so hot so i'll have to break the happy couple up - just jokes!) and adopt kids from Africa. Yup, it will be wondrous.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Envy Green!

If I was a color instead of a person I think I would be green, as in envy green (hint, hint - notice the font color). How terrible am I, but, if you ask me I have DEFINATE reason to be jealous. I'm not about to go bore you with all the details so I'll talk about something else. Except that, there's not really anything else to talk about. If you're reading my blog please leave a comment, K!? I don't care what it says, if you want you can say Lauren is stupid - kill her muah ha ha! just leave a comment though!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Haven't updated in a while, poor you - how shall you ever go on? Well, these are the main points of interest in my life right now:

Sleepover - Me and my best friend are having a sleepover Monday night!!! It's gonna be so fun cause obviously sleepovers and best friends are fun and when you combine them it's major fun. We always laugh so hard - it's halarious. We have our special little things to do too, like eat frozen canned peaches and play Name The Beard.

Grandparents' House - I'm going there today. It's always good to go to my granparents' house cause I mean, it just is! Seriously, who doesn't want to go to their grandparents' house. Unless maybe their dead, cause that could be a little weird.

Piano Teacher - I got a new piano teacher! I met her on Friday and my first lesson with her is on next Friday. She is soooo fun and she has like projects you can do and fake money you can earn to buy stuff. It is totally my style. I get a lot more input in what kind of music I want to play and I'm not taking an exam for grade 4 piano so I'll get a chance to play more than 5 songs throughout the entire year! I can't wait.

Drama Camp - It finished on Friday and it was SOOOOOO fun. I'm so going back next year. I almost cried cause I was so sad to be leaving. Yup, pathetic - I know.

Books - I'm reading a new series by Janette Oke. The first book was called Love Comes Softly and now I'm on the second book. I love them so much!!! Read them if you ever have the chance.

Dreams - I've been having some really weird ones lately. The one I had last night consisted of kayaking in flimsy rubber kayaks and someone burning someone else's eyeball in church. Another one was about North America being melted. I've just been having REALLY strange ones.

Well, that's about as interesting as my life is!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


So happy it's finally the weekend! Even though I was at drama camp all of last week which I totally and completely adore it's nice to be able to sleep and wear your PJs while reading pointless books and wasting time on the internet. I have to memorize some lines though for our skit/play which is about...ANTS!!! Yes, it is sure to be exciting. I play a nervous intern...with no name...it's fascinating! Enough about that, I might be getting the Gaetz Ave CD!!! So excited, I was at a concert on Thursday that was mainly Casting Crowns but Gaetz Ave and Carried Away were also there. Gaetz Ave was soo good (so was Carried away - even though their mikes weren't working - and Casting Crowns). I always used to think Gaetz Ave was a bunch of old people in a group that had been around for 20 years but nobody liked. I was extremely wrong! I'm gonna go now but before I do, don't you love the pattern background thing for my blog!? I think it is so cool but I might change it because I'm getting bored of it, ya know? I just figured out you could change the color of the letters!! Woohoo - that's pretty funkified if I do say so myself and I just did so therefore it is funkified!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm Sick

I hate being sick. Actually, some of the time it's kinda nice cause you get pampered and whatever you want but you feel gross so it isn't really the same as being pampered for no reason. I don't even know how I got sick. I was drinking Iced Tea in a movie theatre and then I realized I had a sore throught (how in the world do you spell that word???). This is the 2nd time this summer I've gotten sick. Grrrrr. Tomorrow I'm going to drama camp and I really wanna feel better for that cause how are you supposed to act when your head hurts when you move and your ear hurts whenever you swallow?

Friday, August 12, 2005


What a wonderful word... SHOPPING! I think I might get new jeans and hopefully I can convince my mom to buy me more than just jeans. Hopefully they also have some good sales on. I really wanna buy a cute skirt hat I can wear to church but also to other places. At Sears they had some WAAAAY cute jeans except they were too small!!! They were only 15 bucks too so it was a little upsetting that they didn't fit. They also had cute skirts there for 15 bucks but I didn't buy one. Pants don't seem to fit me right. They're either too big or too small at the waist, I'm right in between!!! The only pants that properly fit me are my black jeans and a pair of navy pants that are part of my uniform. All my other pants are too big!! Well, at least I can look forward to the day when they finally fit me properly. But, by then I'll probably be sick of them anyways. What a terrible world we live in!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Dullest Morning Of My Life

Maybe it wasn't THE dullest morning of my life but it still sucked. I woke up at 10:00 about to my dad's stupid conference call blaring out through the whole house. I got up and went on the computer and then my dad left and went somewhere and then I watched boring little kid TV shows and watched weird music videos and then I had a breakfast of orange sorbet and strawberries and blueberries (that part was good except the strawberries stank). Then finally at like 1:00 my family picked me up to eat lunch. I had fettucini alfredo (mmmmm, delicious) but I'm still kinda hungry cause my breakfast wasn't that filling. I'm gonna go find some food now.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Me Again!

It is only 11:23 in the morning and I am already having a terrible day. I woke up early (like at 10:00 or 10:15) and then I had a shower which turned into a MAJOR disaster. I really don't want to put you through the pain of having to read how horrible it was so I'll just give you the main details. I have no t-shirts to wear because the one I was going to wear is sopping wet so I ended up wearing what I wore for yesterday night. I wasted 4 towels (1 is sopping wet) and it was just a terrible experience I hope to never relive.

I saw 'Sky High' last night. It was the most bizarre yet entertaining movie I have ever seen (except for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). But it's one of those movies that is so outrageously different from a normal world that you can watch it and forget completely about your own problems (which is my case is quite a few). It's sort of a comforting movie even though I will probably pretend I hated it so I don't make a fool of myself.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ummm hi...

I think people with blogs (don't you just love that word?!?!?! i could say it all day! blog. blog. blog. ok i'll shut up. except that you can't really shut up on a blog...) are supposed to have lives, right? Well, I'm seriously lacking a life so this blog is going to be heavy on the bla-ness (i made up a word! how fun!).

In this book I read (i should make you aware to the fact that i read stupid books) this girl's family at the dinner table said their highs and lows of the day. I'm not about to go do that with my family but it's kind of a cool idea, ya know? I'm gonna be a copy cat and copy that (hey, it rhymes!!! maybe i should be a poet instead of 'blogger').

My High (wow, it rhymes again): I honestly have sat here for like 5 minutes trying to think of a high. Good things happen to me but nothing is extremely good. I guess my high for today will be eating food. Speaking of highs, I was watching this pretty funky movie called the Cross and the Switchblade (it was in school) and some guy said this thing about getting high on God except that He never lets you down. Thought that was sort of interesting.

My Low: Waking up super early to go to church!!! I wanted to go to the late service cause then I could sleep in and I don't even like our church cause the people my age are all freaks and you wouldn't even guess that most of them are Christians cause they're like TOTALLY the opposite of what you think a Christian would be. Or maybe it's just that I'm a loser living in my own little word. Yup, that's probably what it is.