Sunday, January 28, 2007

Proenza Schouler for Target and Target Couture

[music: Everytime We Touch by Cascada]

As you may have heard, Proenza Schouler is the newest 'GO' designer. With bold colors and patterns and a wonderful carefree-summer chic look, I am pretty excited.

This is what layering is all about. Nothing too put-together or formal but still really fun! I am absolutely in love with that purple.

The first outfit is something I would never be able to pull off - I would never think of putting those colors together but they actually play off each other quite well.

Target Couture. 2 words I never really thought I would hear in the same sentence. Well, it's happened. Frankly, I'm not too fond of it. Throw a couple red bull's eyes on a blank canvas and you have couture? Not in my books!

Swarovski crystals everywhere. So much for subtle. It looks tacky to me. $220 each at Shop Intuition.

The clothes. I suppose the polo (left, $110) is sort of cute and the cashmere hoodie (right, $330) looks quite comfy. But, I don't think I'll be buying either of these very soon.

Also, I am probably going to New York in a few weeks and I'm wondering if any of you can make shopping suggestions? Where to shop, good stores - that kinda stuff. But nothing expensive, I'm cheap. Embarrassingly cheap.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cardigans and Trampolines

[Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K]

From the moment I saw my friend's gorgeous cropped sweater, I have been slightly obsessed. It was just so versatile - she looked great wearing it over a plain black shirt and it would have been absolutely adorable over a bright, summertime dress.

But before I forget, here's a somewhat (but not really) interesting story for you: today, I made a hole in our trampoline. How? Well, that's the slightly glamorous part. My friend and I (this is the friend with the amazing sweater) decided to take some pictures that looked slightly like some designer ads. I was going for the Lacoste look - the whole jumping up thing. Of course I had to go on the trampoline so I could actually get off the ground (for some reason, I am an absolutely horrid jumper) and of course I had to wear a pair of heels (it's boring otherwise, right?) and of course my heel managed to puncture the trampoline. I am totally guilt-ridden but, I got at least 1 great picture (well, not really great but, you know).

Well, back to the cropped sweaters:

I like the grey. There's something about grey sweaters that I find very appealing, they just look so cozy! $147.50 by Ya-Ya.

What a lovely color! It reminds me of lemons. I'm not too fond of the neckline, it's just... weird. $78.00 from Free People.

Such a classic color, it looks pretty but simple with a white tank top. The dark, neutral color will go with anything - how handy! $49.50 from Gap.

And while I realize there are many more gorgeous cropped cardigans out there, I am just too lazy to find them. Hopefully I'll be able to post more, exams are finished and I have an extra long weekend.

New York Fashion Week: 7 days!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Secret World of Me

[Black Roses Red by Alana Grace]

I've been tagged by The Perks of Being a Wallflower to reveal 5 things you might not know about me, here goes:

1. I had to wear the ugliest face mask known to man for about a year to fix my totally unattractive under bite (thank goodness this was years ago - how embarrassing!).

2. I've always wanted to run away (for dramatic purposes only, I don't really hate my life or anything) but have always been to scared.

3. In grade 1, I would cry so much (homesickness etc.) at school that I always got to leave about halfway through the day - I was quite a wise child, I must've missed at least a quarter of the school year.

4. My favourite TV channel would have to be The Food Network. As well as Family Channel - I am the biggest sucker for those oh-so-cheesy Disney movies and shows.

5. My dream job is to be a fashion designer. Or a baker. Or a weather man - er, lady. Or a race car driver. Or a missionary/teacher in Africa. Or a journalist... I'm slightly undecided at this point.

And who do I tag? Glad you asked! If you've already been tagged, oops. Push Door, Not Pull; Coutureholic; Just Me and My Thoughts and Diamond Crowns.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Was She Thinking?

I hate exams. They stink. I'm so lazy after studying that I never post. Well, by next week I will be finished with exams and semester 1 and I still wanna do a post on The Golden Globes even though they're over and I wanna leave you all comments but, for now, what was Gwen Stefani thinking?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

People's Choice Awards: Hayden Panettiere

[music: I Am in Love With You by Imogen Heap]

Hayden Panettiere has definitely grown up since the days of Racing Stripes and Ice Princess. She now plays a lead role on Heroes, which took home a People's Choice Award for Favourite New TV Drama. I've never actually watched Heroes, but, the dress Hayden wore to the People's Choice Awards is so gorgeous!

The coral and ivory colors are absolutely beautiful and look so amazing on her! And I really love the fabric. And her smile, she has such a pretty smile!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Golden Gowns

[What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts]
I was just browsing around a few days ago and I came across the Elie Saab Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Collection. It's great and it's gold. Very gold. From the gold dresses to the gold runway. I'm usually not all that fond of gold but I really like these designs!

I really love this style of strapless dress, it's very elegant but still interesting.

Who wouldn't love a gorgeous, gold coat? I really love this shade of gold, it looks so soft and beautiful! I love Heather Marks, too, she's one of my favourite models.
I just love this style of sleeves! I have no idea what you would call them, but, they're brilliant.

The bottom of the dress reminds me of shiny mirrors or shards of metallic glass. I don't like the shade of gold on the belt, though, it doesn't really go well with the colors on the dress.

These fabrics look so pretty with each other!
This dress looks so luscious, it's gorgeous!
I like this fabric, I love the way it looks. The shades of the bag and the dress/skirt sort of clash, though.
More of my new favourite fabric! I like this dress much better than the last, especially the bodice or whatever the top would be called.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Change is in the Air (Or At Least in the Blog)

Oh. My. Goodness. This new Blogger is amazing. I'll probably play around with it a bit, until I find something I love. Tell me what you think of the current look!

I don't know when y'all go back to school, but, if it's tomorrow (like me) I hope all goes well! And if it's not tomorrow, well, I still hope all goes well!

Just Add Sugar!

[music: 'Put Your Records On' by Corinne Bailey Rae]

I've adored
Just Add Sugar photographs for a long, long, long time. Especially the fashion shots - they are just so gorgeous! I've been thinking of using one for the header of my blog but they are all so brilliant and I am so indecisive so, I haven't really gotten very far. Here are some of my favourite shots, though:

I love how vintage-y this looks - with the green visor, mini TV, baby doll dress and artificial grass. And the Chanel flats are to die for!

It takes a whole lot of talent to make grocery carts look this good! I love how the simplicity makes it looks so fabulous.

To me, this shot looks sort of 'Alice in Wonderland'-ish. Even though I can barely remember the story of 'Alice in Wonderland'... Isn't she bigger than everything? Or smaller than everything? Either way, very cool shot - and Alice was in a garden, right? Where the Queen of Hearts lives. I was gonna be in the play 'Alice in Wonderland' and I was the Queen of Hearts. But then they had to stop rehearsals for the play because everyone started dropping out. Just thought you should know that, hehe.

This is probably one of the first shots that made me love Just Add Sugar. The clouds are so pretty. And I love that she's holding an old-fashioned lamp post! And her clothes are gorgeous - love that scarf!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Who Wore it Better

[musique: The Beauty of Grace by Krystal Meyers]

1 Marchesa dress. 2 celebs. You decide, who wore it better?

Mischa Barton during New York Fashion Week. Nina Garcia a month later at a fashion event.

Happy New Year, everbody!

[If anyone else is interested in trading links, let me know!]