Friday, November 04, 2005

life is GOOD!

OK, last weekend I went shopping and I got 3 shirts (woohoo), and then the whole week was boring tests and quizzes and homework which I should do now to get it out of the way for the weekend but who cares cause I'm not! Tonight I'm going to the mall and then my life group thingee (woohoo again) and then the whole next week will be tests and quizzes and homework and the dreaded report cards. So weekends are good weeks are bad! Very simple! Anyways, I'm out of my 'depression stage' or whatever you'd like to call that!

You know that nexopia site that I think is oh so stupid? Well, I made one for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON!!! And then I actually started writing on it - I am totally going against my beliefs. Well, I don't intend to write on it anymore. The only interesting part is reading people's comments which is what I do and oh ya, looking at pictures. My best friend made a nex today and she put 5 pictures on and not 1 was of me! She had 1 picture and it was all our friends except me and then under it she wrote 'my friends' and since I'm a female I'm feeling just a little bit hurt about that. But not hurt enough to care!

In gym we are playing volleyball which I suck at and therefore don't really like but today I got to ref instead of play which rocked cause I got to stand on this tall thing and blow the whistle real loud.

I love life!