Saturday, April 28, 2007


[music: Outside Looking In by Jordan Pruitt]

This is a dress I bought a little while ago at Urban Planet. Right now, I'm wearing it with a yellow t-shirt and black leggings underneath and a navy blue necklace. I love the bold pattern and summer colors. If you have any more suggestions of what to pair it with, I'd love to hear, because, I'm actually quite awful at putting together outfits.

By the way, those crazy numbers in the 'Title' space have no meaning. I just hate to leave the 'Title' blank.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


[music: Spies by Coldplay]

So that hiatus lasted a lot longer than I expected. Quebec was amazing - and the shopping was fabulous! So something I've been considering for a while is a total revamp of this here blog - new name, new URL, new header, new everything. I started this blog as more of a journal but it's morphed into a fashion blog and now I'm looking for new ideas so that the look of the site fits the content. If you have any ideas for a name or a layout theme or anything at all, let me know! My creative juices haven't quite started flowing yet...