Friday, March 31, 2006

Milan, Here I Come!

You Belong in Milan

Stylish and sophisticated, you want to enjoy a truly European life - away from tourists!Milan fits you perfectly. Great shopping, high quality food, lots of culture... with very little hype.

So, I took a lovely quiz about what European city I belong in and I have to agree with the result. Milan is such a great city for of fashion, food and culture. Too bad my parents didn't take me to Milan when we were in Italy like I begged them too. Anyways, I'm feeling pretty down so I'm gonna go watch a movie.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Update... Finally

Well now, it's been an awful long time since I've updated. Crazy amounts of homework. 1 short story and 1 timeline (Animal Farm and Russian history parallels) in less than 1 week. We also have an essay that we could finish by tomorrow for 4 extra percents but I just cannot force myself to finish that. So anyways, I found out why the teacher who gave us all that homework is so grumpy, she's pregnant! I'm not supposed to know but my teacher told my best friend's dad (my science teacher) and my best friend told me even though she wasn't supposed to know. I think she'll make a good mommy as long as she doesn't get moody because if she's moody she's just plain mean and no one likes her.

So, today was fun because we had a whole humanities class where me and my friend had nothing to do and most people were in the computer lab so we went crazy with paper making some awesome hats. My friend was the Pope of Kindness and I was the Pope's Chef. We even knighted each other with a paper towl roll. Oh yes, are we cool or what? anyways, during break quite a few people were staring at us but it was fun and quite enjoyable.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before 17 days or something like that of spring break!!! How exciting, and since we're not going anywhere I've decided to recreate Paris (the France one, not Ms. Hilton as my dad though... strange guy my dad is) in my bedroom. And, I will take a 'plane' to get there (plane = sitting in one room for the entire day as I read and have people serve me cute little meals). I am so excited. I told people I was going to Paris today... and they believed me.

And Lizzie, I'm so glad you're back to give me random comments and be the one and only to read my blog.

Oh yes, tomorrow is also casual day. Woot, woot! I'm wearing this cute brownish-tope top from Off The Wall and either my jeans or black gauchos. And I might wear my mocassin-like shoes with the cool beads unless it's snowing or something.

Not sure if I said this, but I'm on the badminton team!!! I seem to be playing really badly lately but me and my best friend (doing doubles) made it to the team. We have a tournament on the 19th or something and then badminton season is au finie! So fun.

Now, I must leave and do other random things. But not before I say how much I loved High School Musical!!! Did I say that on another post? Who knows, but I really do love it and Zac Efron is a total hottie. Love him and love the movie!!! And today I was looking at pictures from the Disney Channel Meet the Press thing even though that has nothing to do with anything.

Sayonara folks (folks = Lizzie)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lizzie, where art though?

Lizzie, I have not heard from you since, it seems like, the 1920s. I dearly miss you and I wrote you this poem to express my feelings:

Lizzie, my dear Lizzie,
You've got me in a tizzy.
I guess you've been busy,
But please come back and vis't me.

The little vis't word is supposed to mean visit but visit just doesn't sound right so I changed it to vis't. One of my better poems if I do say so myself.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mad As A Mailbox (except that mailboxes aren't mad)

So, I am mad. And, if I was in a cartoon right now, my face would be bright red and there would be steam coming out of my ears. Serious. So here's the story. Last night, me and 2 of my friends were going to go see She's The Man. We planned to meet at the movie theatre at 7:00 because the movie started at 7:20 and we wanted to make sure we got tickets because it was a new release and a Friday night. So, I get there at 7:00 and my friends get there at, like, 7:10 or 7:15, around that time. Well, by then the movie is, of course, sold out and we would've missed it by the time we got snacks and everything. And one of the first things those 2 do is ask me why I didn't buy tickets because I should've and how it was my fault we're not getting to see the movie. Well, (a) both of those 2 still owe me money and I'm not about to pay $30 some to be not paid back, (b) how was I supposed to know they were going to show up so late that the movie would already be sold out and (c) by the time they go there we wouldn't have been able to find seats together anyways. So, my mom had stayed there waiting with me for them to come and she waited for us to decide what we were going to do even though she was sick. So, my friends are making all these plans for my mom to drive them around to a different movie theatre or to see a later showing. My mom wasn't letting me stay for a later showing, which, I totally agree with yet we had to drive my friends all the way back to her house. But, I guess it's all my fault. Somehow, the way I see it, it is my friends fault for not coming on time when we agreed to meet rather than my fault for not buying them tickets.

But, I'll just try to ignore that and think of the happier parts of life. Such as my (plus my family) trip to Emerald Lake next weekend!!! 2 or 3 days of skating, snowshoeing, dog sledding, tobboganing... I'm so excited. And after that I get to go to some figure skating gala. And another good thing, last night I had fencing again (I missed it last week cause I was so sore from skiing) and it was great, we got to use the actual equipment and it was so fun. We actually did a bit of real fencing. And the instructor told me that there was a girl my age in the classes, but she hasn't been there either of the times I went, I think she went last week. I'm really excited to meet her though and I hope we get along and I hope we can both take fencing lessons somewhere else in the city once we get good. Ahhh, my dreams... which rarely come true. But I'm gonna work harder than I ever have to get good at fencing because I know I'm starting late but this is something I truly love.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Skiing, Fencing and Regrets

So, basically I am doing everything in my power to not do homework. The ski trip yesterday was fun, one of my friends kept on bragging about how good she was (she wasn't very good, fast, but not good and she was even in a level below me for our mandatory lesson) but that's OK cause she took me up the silver chair and we went on a blue run. Before I was hanging out with my best friend who likes to stick to the bronze chair and do easy green runs but then her skis got stolen and I could go up the silver chair except we only had half an hour left. Oh well. I'm really sore now and I missed fencing because I have a cold and I'm really stiff and sore and I really wish I could go cause I'm gonna miss a lot of the stuff he teaches. I'm REALLY regreting that I couldn't go. REALLY, REALLY regretting it. Plus my parents payed bunches of money for those classes. Ooooh boy, I feel a guilt trip coming on.

But High School Musical's on tonight!! Woooot!! And I'm leaving in the morning to spend about 3 days in Montana to shop!! I seriously love, love, LOVE American shopping. But anyways, I must really go work on my fabulous Russia study notes (and the only reason I have to make them is because my social teacher doesn't teach us social, it's quite horrible, actually).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Choking on Mucus

I am in an unusually happy mood today. but 'unusually' I mean that I only get into this happy mood after I eat cold cheese enchiladas. Which isn't a very common thing. So I think this is actually my first time being in this particular mood. Whoa.

In other news, I've always wanted to be a news anchor man. Actually no, just had to say that (I told you I was in a psychotic mood today). Lemme start again. In other news, today is New Phrase Day. Yes, yes, that is right. New Phrase Day is finally here. So I have to say my favourite phrase of today is either 'affirmative' or 'button'. Both of which are words not phrases. And inc ase you didn't already catch on, I just made up New Phrase Day and it's not a real thing. But shhhh, that's a secret.

Tomorrow is the Junior High Ski Trip. And I am psyched to say the least. Partly because it is also so much fun but also because I spelt the wort psyched right for once in my life. I think it's right, at elast. But I'm mainly excited cause it always so much fun!

Well, ciao all my favourite buttons!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Harry Potter Contest

So, I have never seen Harry Potter and it is not really something that interests me. But, my best friend is in love with Rupert Grint and so there's this contest thing. And if my friend gets enough votes she will win the contest and her and 3 people - I am one of those lucky people she has told me - will get to go to London and meet the cast. Sooo, she probably won't win or anything but if enough people vote for her she will. And, I want y'all to vote for her. So please do. It would mean a lot to her but also to me cause I really wanna go to London and I wanna meet the girl who play Hermoine. This is how you vote:

1. Go to
2. Register, and more importantly, remember your little username thingee so you can vote every single day of your life
3. Vote for KeriW187

And I know that I sound so commercial but come on. It's not gonna hurt a single soul. So please, please do this. And you know what, when you sign up you also have the chane to win 1 of 250 prize packs. How would you like a portable digital media player? I have no clue what that is but it's shiny and technologyish and you know you want it!

Get All Excited...

Get all excited because...
  • I start fencing today
  • Today is Friday which means the weekend
  • My half birthday's on March 22

And now I have to go because I should be going to school in about O.39 seconds.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

High School Musical (uh-huh, uh-huh)

I seriously have absolutely nothing to write about!!! I am so totally hyper. I am also so totally drinking a Timmy's Rrrroll Up The Rim To Win thing. It's a hazelnut warm smoothie. YUM to the extreme. I didn't win anything and that makes me sad. Now, if you were cool like me you would be taking the High School Musical (comes out on Family Chanel on March 10, why I am so excited, I'm not sure but me and my best friend are totally watching it!!!) quiz and see which dude you're most like, I'm most like Sharpay, the actress who plays her is on The Suite Life (yes, I do watch that show sometimes. I am cool). Y'all should watch High School Musical too cause there's a hot guy in it. I'd get you his picture but I'm just too darn lazy.

Junior High is seriously quite confusing. I'm not sure I'd be making a musical about it, but, I'm just above all that weirdness... KIDDING! Well, I'm gonna leave now.

Oh wait, NO I'M NOT LEAVING!!! Did you people watch Gilmore Girls last night? Uh-huh, well, I did. Laine is getting MARRIED!!! Awww, I'm so excited for her. And Gigi is really cute but such an obnoxious kid. I would NOT want to be parenting her.

OK, well, hugs!