Sunday, September 25, 2005

Don't Worry - I've Not Abandoned You

I'm not one of those people who starts a blog and then completely forgets it (well, at least not yet) so rest assured that I'm here - just verrrry busy. I should be doing homework right now, (had a lot of it this weekend - read 4 chapters of the Hobbit (90 pages), do a story map for the first 10 chapters and do summaries for the first 10 chapters and that's only the beginning) but I'm not. My birthday was swell - got lots of great presents which I will tell you about when I have the time - I haven't even had the time to open 2 of my birthday present CDs. My big news for the day is that I'm adopting a manatee - y'all should too, they're endangered you know. His name's Howie and his favourite activity is tipping the researcher's canoe - how cute! Gotta run - have to start on my Hobbit story map which would be fabulous except for the fact that I can't draw. Y'all should check out my Science teacher's homework blog, it rocks - not. Anyways, go to it and see all my Science homework (check the grade 9 homework) -

Sunday, September 18, 2005


It's true - I hate it. Nobody knew that when I went to the washroom it was cause I couldn't hold in my tears anymore or that I put on make up to cover my tear stained face. Nobody knows that tonight I'll probably cry myself to sleep and tell myself that I am a waste of breathe. There are 2 songs that represent my life right now. 'Welcome to My Life' by Simple Plan and 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson. But the people singing those songs don't really mean it - they're famous, they can have whatever they want. Me, I mean what those songs say.

I'm trying to be happy because my birthday's coming up and at least my friends love me but it's so hard. I wanna run away - I can't take this anymore.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Extra, Extra: Hottie Turned Seriously Ugly!

Nice title, hey?

I should really be doing my homework but instead I am taking time to update my seriously lacking blog!

Days Till My Birthday: 7 (aka 1 WEEK!!!)

The phone just rang. I hate answering the phone so much. I hate talking on the phone too. Phones are terrible things.

I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson right now. I'm really into her music right now!

We have a very serious matter at out hands. Kalan Porter is no longer hot. For those of you who watched Canadian Idol you also witnessed the sad and schocking truth. He used to be so totally hot last night and know, well, he's not very hot. Go to and then to pictures to see the once very hot hottie turned ugly and then go to to see how hot he once was. It's really sad.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Been So Long!

Haven't written in here for almost a week. And then this morning I was trying to log on to my account but I forgot my username and password but I am finally on!

Days Till My Birthday: 11

I started school last Tuesday. I don't really like it but hey, what can I do. It's really weird going to school without my brother. It's just me in the school, I can't really explain it but it's weird.

I also went on the Jr. High Campout Thursday till Friday. It was OK, I've never really liked the campout so I guess it was better than I expected.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wonderful Last Day of Summer Vaca

It's really quite sad that summer vacation is almost practically over. I start school TOMORROW! But, today was quite a good day because I went to my friends (who are twins) birthday party and it was so fun and most of my friends were there so it was a good time. I'm glad I didn't have to spend all day moping around. It was kind of sad though because the twins are going to a different school (public school - yikes, very scary. i never wanna go to public school) so it was our last day with them before their new school. We had tons of fun anyways though. We went to a lake and went on paddle boats and made water ballon families (actually that was just me and 2 of myfriends, everyone else had a water fight with the ballons) and ate yummy ice cream and pizza. It was so fun. And tomorrow's school - that's really sad.

Days Till My Birthday: 17 (woohoo, it's getting closer!)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

#1 Dealmaker

I hearby give myself a new name, the Master Dealmaker. Well, that doesn't really make sense because I didn't actually do any dealmaking I just bought cheap stuff! Haha, oh well - shhh it's a secret. To the point, I went shopping yesterday and I got a skirt and matching shirt and 2 pairs of ballet flats and a pair of shoe slippery things, all very nice, for guess how much money!?!? 33 bucks, I figured it out and if everything was at regular price it would've costed me 117 bucks. I got everything for 3 times less, it was a good day. The skirt was 10 (bucks), the shirt was 10 (bucks), shoes were 8 (bucks), 4 (bucks) and 2 (bucks) (how cheap is that!!!).

Days Till My Birthday: 18 (I need to go back to math class, I had to count on my fingers just to figure that out).

Before I go, thanks to 'littlejoe' who left a comment for me!!! You are the first one to ever leave a comment in my blog, you deserve a prize. Go out and buy yourself a bottle of Sparkling Cranberry Juice! Oh ya, I checked out your site. Not my thing but you put a lot of effort into it I can tell and I'm sure someone will enjoy it immensley.

And guess what, I'm almost done my book! It's the 3rd book in that Love Comes Softly series I think I might've talked about before. Soooo good. When I'm done book 3 I will move on to book 4 and then I will read my library books and then a Nancy Drew book that I never got around to reading and then I will read random stuff until my birthday and hopefully I will get some good books for my birthday!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dreading School

Don't really have much to write about today, life's pretty dull for me.

Days Till My Birthday: 19

I start school on Tuesday which I am soooo not looking forward to. I absolutely hate school. Teachers give so much homework which would be OK if I was smart. I mean, I'm not stupid but I'm not that smart either!!! Oh well, I got really awesome binders and school supplies. I need to figure out what I'm gonna put in my locker, I need to find some good pictures!! I ususally don't put stuff on my locker door cause the girl who's always above me always drops stuff on my locker and makes everything fall off. Last year the guy who liked me gave me a mini poster of Kalan Porter (I'm still trying to figure out why a guy who wants me to like him would give me a picture of a hot guy to look at, sorta screwed) and I typed it up there. I'm hoping to get the top edge locker this year, I always get the bottom edge locker which isn't that bad but I really want a top locker.

I might be going to the mall today, probably not though. And even if I do I probably can't buy anything - sob!

That's it for me, I'm out!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Oy Vai

People, why do you never leave me any comments!!! Well, probably because no one reads this. Why don't you people read my blog??? Aren't the pretty colors attractive, come ON!!!

Days Till My Birthday: 20

I have my first piano lesson with my new teacher today and I'm soooo excited! I got a really cool bag to hold my piano books in a couple days ago. Since I want you to be able to admire it too, the link is... Oh sheesh, the site is temporarily closed so I can't even show you what the bag looks like!

I really want to go shopping. I want to go to Le Chateau and Fairweather cause I saw some cute clothes in Le Chateau but it was closed so I couldn't go in and last time I was in Fairweather they had some really nice stuff (as always). I also wanna buy this cute sweater from Old Navy (again, i can't show you the link, curse you!), it's a cream color and it comes to just above my elbow (elbows are gross) and then on the front it has all these fake pearl-like things and the buttons are fake pearl-like things, it is majorly nice. I also saw some cute ballet flat/slippers at Xcetra (that is ballet flat and slipper HEAVEN, they have like a whole section of a wall deovted to them), they're slip on and metalic silver and have a littlbe bow - sooo cute! The lady who works there is gonna call my mom when they go on sale so I can buy them for 10 bucks (right now there 20 bucks). I want to get a long, flowy, teal skirt to go with 'em!

Last night I went to firworks. Pretty good except that I came to see the firworks, not people's butts. Also, I came to smell fireworks (they don't really smell, though...) and all I could smell was the person beside me smoking, it was SO gross! Then people came and sat beside me who I didn't know (EW) and I was squished. Then on the bus we went on to get back to the mall (which i wanted to shop at cause I really like that mall, it's near my best friend's house and we've gone there a couple of times) the people in front of us were kissing. Sick, I am never gonna kiss anybody - I'm not getting married either. A husband just will tie me down, cause if I want to do something I want to do it when I want and I don't want no stinkin' husband tying me down no matter how hot he is. Then at about age 40 I will marry the love of my life (who will probably be already married cause he's so hot so i'll have to break the happy couple up - just jokes!) and adopt kids from Africa. Yup, it will be wondrous.