Monday, February 27, 2006

Forro de Prata

I desperately hope that you have noticed the name change of my 'oh-so-fabulous' blog. Instead of World-of-Lauren, it is now Forro de Prata. Forro de Prata is Portuguese (however invented the spelling of the name of that language, I hate you) for Silver Lining. I would have liked to do Silver Lining as my blog name but that was taken, I would've also liked to do Silver Lining written in Italian as my blog name but that was too hard to remember. But Anyways, I like the way Forro de Prata sounds. I even made a little 'logo' thing if you want to call it that. It's nothing fancy but can't you just see it on T-shirts looking lovely. Of course, that will be when my blog gets famous which is pretty much a joke. But anyways, it should be linked to my blog so if you wanna put it on your site and be a sweetheart and advertise for me, by all means go ahead. No, I'm kidding. Of course, you can if you want. I seriously don't care.

Now on to new t
hings, aren't you sad the Olympics are over? I wil be 18 the next time Winter Olympics are on, 18! Am I the only one who finds that altogether crazy? I think the Torino games were great though, it's quite a tragedy they're over. The Opening and Closing Cermonies were certainly... 'unique' but, they were cool in this weird sorta way. I'm quite excited for Vancouver 2010, it's really weird that they'll be in Canada where I live. My grandma lives right near Vancouver, I could like... go to the games! That would be really cool. Well, Ciao Bella's! It's a new week... full of homework and I must go conquer it! Not by choice though, cause I truly do hate homework. OK, enough procrastinating. I'm out, hugs!

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Favourite Trend...

I am in love with gaucho pants right now. Actually, any style of short pants - whether it be classic short pants, puddle-jumpers, pedal-pushers, culottes or gauchos I love them all! Some of my favourites include. So for those of you who don't know the difference between these fabulous styles - this is for you:

short pants
n : trousers that end at or above the knee [syn:
shorts, trunks]

pedal pushers
n : calf-length slacks worn by women and girls

n : a woman's full trousers cut to resemble a skirt

1. a cowboy of the South American pampas
2. gauchos Calf-length pants with flared legs

And since my dad is forcing me to get ready to go to my cousins (whom I am not very fond of) house, I will not be able to show you my favourite styles or get you the definition for puddle-jumpers. Sigh, what a way to end my long weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Le Chocolat Spa

Would you not loooove to go to a chocolate spa? Especially a chocolate spa loocated in the one and only Hershey Hotel? Of course, it's in Hershey, Pennsylvania (how could it not be?). Here, Whipped Cocoa Bath, Cocoa Butter Scrub, and Chocolate Fondue Wrap are necessities! Now I'm sure the only thing keeping you from rushing right now to The Hershey chocolate Spa is the prices. So here are the deets - prices range from $45 to$105. But, you could be paying for anything from a Whipped Cocoa Bath to a Cocoa Massage. Now, that definately sounds good to me. But, if you're more of an 'order-in' type chick - try the Hershey Spa Online Store. You could buy anything from Bath Bars (try Milk and Honey or Strawberry Parfait) to Body Scrub (tempting in Chocolate Sugar and Noche Azul). And a bonus to the 'order-in' idea is a much lower price range, $16 - $24. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Hershey Chocolate Spa - either online or in person! And 1 last thing, happy late VDay to all! Hugs!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Falling In Love With... The Teahouse Wrap

Saturday Morning. Grumbling Stomach. Mall-Ward Bound. Pajama Clad. Achin' Toe. And if that doesn't give you an inside look to my world, this will...

I pretty much love this top! It's called the Teahouse Wrap and it's $138.00 American from The only thing I'm not totally loving about this gorgeous shirt is that horrid price. Well, I do have those 400 bucks from dear old Ralphie and I think this shirt might jsut be in the budget. Well, I'll finish eating my fabulous MckyD hotcakes and drink up all my orange drink and then it's time to hit the mall... but first, hit the shower! Peace out to all you chick-a-dees and chick-a-dudes reading this!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Curious George In Theatres Today!!! Must See, Must See!

I am, like SO bored. It is Friday night and, I could do homework and get it all out of the way but I'm like, "NO!" Cause, I have an essay due Monday which I have not started off and I sooo don't want to do it because I hate essays, especially persuasive. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I near flunked on my essay last year... or maybe that I'm just MUCH happier sitting here in my pajamas listening to Jack Johnson's song Upside Down - the music video is SO cute! I love Curious George, and, I wanna see his movie debut. And, I don't really care that it got 2.5 stars because movie reviewers are just so close-minded and ugh! But anyways, I'm going to the mall tomorrow. And this is very good, except, I was there like - Tuesday. And I love to shop, but I'd love to shop even more if I had money! Speaking of clothes, we watched some old Russia, Rasputin, Tsar Nicholas movie (that is old, as I mentioned) and the tsaritsa - well, the lady who played the tsaritsa - had the cutest clothes!! She wore lots of pale pinks and purple and white lace, she had a soft look but then she had these huge and shiny brooches and ruby necklaces which looked OK sometimes. And she had this gorgeous pearl necklace, actually 2 pearl necklaces. They were a little much but, for a tsaritsa, I guess that's OK. But she could actually pull off some of her outfits quite well, I was surprise. Well, I'm out. My parting words for you - go see Curious George, in theatres today! Oh ya, just want to say thanks to lizzie!! who signed my blog on my last entry cause that is my first real comment and I'm so happy (as you can tell, I'm easy to please).