Friday, February 23, 2007

The O.C.: The End's Not Near, It's Here

[music: The Hand That Holds the World by Starfield]

The O.C. took it's final bow last night and I, for one, am gonna miss it. After they killed off Marissa I really thought they had butchered the show but I was pleasantly surprised with this last season. As for the finale, I was pleased - they seem to like killing off characters so I must say I was ecstatic when no one died. There were just so many parts of this episode I loved - Seth's baby hand prints, Kirsten's baby. The characters have sort of become real people over the years - slightly psychotic, I know.
Such pretty tops. Rachel Bilson (Summer) and Autumn Reeser (Taylor) are so gorgeous - actually, everyone on this show is gorgeous.

Such nice bride's maid's dresses. And again, they both look so lovely!

I'm not quite sure why I like this outfit of Summer's. Or maybe I just like the hot guys she's standing next too. And how cute is it that Ryan named his bunny Flapjacks?!

Not the greatest picture but Summer looks so gorgeous - the hair, the dress, it's all so pretty!

Now, I wanted some pictures of Willa Holland (Kaitlyn) because I do love her style, both on screen and off, but couldn't find any. Man, I'm gonna miss The O.C. so much.

In case you were wondering, New York was amazing! I might try to post pictures of my purchases soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


So, here's the thing - life is busy, homework is plentiful and I'm going to New York for a few days. I'm also going on a bit of a hiatus, it could last for 2 days, it could last for 2 weeks, it could even last for 2 months - I don't know, so I'm just calling it temporary. I had a few posts on the go (well, most of them haven't made it into drafts yet, but still) but those, I suppose, will just have to wait. I will try to leave you all comments, my lovelies, and if you have and random urges to read 5 month old posts on this dear blog, it will be here waiting for you.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

NY Fashion Week: Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler and Michael Kors

[music: Take It All by Hillsong United]

Did I miss a whole day of posting NY Fashion Week? Yes. But, I'm invigorated and ready to post!

Anna Sui

I have to say, I was disappointed. In the past, I've been a fan of Anna Sui but this collection was just not appealing.

All I see here is winter wear gone wrong.

I did enjoy the use of prints and the dress, right, I actually really do like.

Proenza Schouler

"...and rediscovered the interest in surface decoration that informed some of their best collections." -Nicole Phelps

Maybe it's the odd caps or the men's style trousers but there is something about this collection I love.

Left, it seems to have the puffiness of a snowsuit but I do love the fabric.

Michael Kors

"Working in a palette of soft, flattering (read: salable) neutrals, with shots of safety orange and caution yellow, he laid the cashmere on thick." -Nicole Phelps

Kors put a spin on casual men's looks with muted greys and a splash of color, right.

The most beautiful, not to mention flattering, jersey dresses of all time.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

NY Fashion Week: Adam + Eve, Naeem Khan and Marchesa

[music: My Glasses by Maria Mena]

Another day, another batch of amazing shows. Is it just me or do they keep getting better and better? Do enjoy!

Adam + Eve

"...embraced the sporty collegiate life—a theme familiar to those who've been following his line." - Joanna Rodger

2 very different dresses, I love the coziness of the first and the flower pattern of the second.

Formal looks meet cozy fabrics. This would be my ideal winter wardrobe!

Naeem Khan

"...he sent out a series of sheaths and gowns covered in jewel-tone palettes." -Laird Borrelli

There were a few absolutely gorgeous dresses in this show. These, would be 2 of them.

And another 2. The dazzling number, right, might look tacky in real life but it's so beautiful on the runway!


I, personally, love Marchesa. Everything is so gorgeous and, well, see for yourself!

Gorgeous! I love how the long hems brings back a bit of old Hollywood glam.

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I cannot get over the fuchsia color, left - it's marvelous! I just wanna eat it all up. He. He.

Monday, February 05, 2007

NY Fashion Week: Tuleh, DVF and Luella

[music: none, sadly]

I love New York Fashion Week. Have I ever mentioned that? In keeping with my routine, I have picked 3 of yesterday's shows to post on but let me tell you, it wasn't easy! With shows like DKNY and 3.1 Phillip Lim, I was sad to only have time for 3. But check it all out, there's some gorgeous shows!


"Not every look was a winner, and we didn't totally lose our heads. But love was definitely in the air." -Laird Borrelli

Left, a very pretty color - I'm not sure what it reminds me of but I love it! Right, I also love the subtle hints of gold in this dress.

There's something about the prints and the smooth silkiness of the fabric that looks so good when it all comes together!

Diane von Furstenberg

"As for her collection, it was singular in its focus on dresses." -Nicole Phelps

2 very elegant black dresses. I imagine one would feel absolutely lovely wearing one of these!

Color and print done the DVF way. The dress, left, has such a pretty color!


"Horses, coming-out parties, Sgt. Pepper military gear—Luella's girls have fallen head over heels for all things proper and British this season." -Laird Borrelli

Rich colors and fabrics played a big part over at Luella.

This gorgeous fabric was common at Luella. Right, what a pretty dress!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

NY Fashion Week: Maticevski, Abaete and Lacoste

[music: Inside Your Heaven by Carrie Underwood]


"I have been working on pretty, floaty, feminine for so long, I felt I needed to add a bit more severity and grit." -Toni Maticevski

Grey was in no shortage as models came down the runway with hands clenching hips.

Left, a gorgeous pant suit - gloomy colors and all. Right, this is what we call a splash of color. Or a hot air balloon ready for take off.


I cannot even express how much I love Abaete, definitely one of my favourite designers! And this collection didn't disappoint me!

Gorgeous dresses, the gloves are something you don't see very often but I love the old-fashioned vibe they give off.

The navy dress, left, is such an amazing color and fabric. Right, white boots and hat make a very mod look.


"...good youthful options (knit minis and crepe-heeled granny boots) as well as a few grown-up looks that Schneider might have loved (the knit kimono coats and voluminous capes)." -Laird Borrelli

Possibly the most wonderful skinny jeans I have ever seen! And I am falling more and more in love with the boots, right, every second!

While I'm not so sure about the mish-mash of patterns, right, I love the striped turtleneck and adorable mini green belt, left.