Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shoe Addict

[music: smily by Lily Allen]

I bought these 2 pairs of shoes at the mall yesterday. The first is pair of teal peep toe slingbacks from Urban Behaviour on sale for $9.99 USD. Don't you just love the gold!?

These metallic silver flats were $25.50 USD from Costa Blanca.

I bought two tops as well, but, I was having trouble getting flattering pictures of the tops.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bon Voyage!

Hey, bloggers!

In a few weeks I'm going to France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Czech Republic. Some of the cities I know we're going to for sure are Paris and Berlin. If any of you have been to these places or know good areas, cities or stores for shopping, please fill me in!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Concert for Diana

[music: Missing You by P. Diddy]

I'm not sure how many of you were watching Concert for Diana yesterday but, it was quite amazing! It was a six hour event filled with music, dancing and, of course fashion!

The two handsome Princes. Will's dance moves during 'Maneater' were so adorable.

Nelly Furtado (left) and Lily Allen (right) paired vibrant dresses with great shoes and minimal gold accessories. Lily Allen sang especially well at the Concert.

Joss Stone performed in both a super short minidress and a gorgeous floor length gown. I just love how she performs barefooted!

Minidresses were everywhere last night. The color of Fergie's dress, left, looked great against her skin tone but the ruffles at the hem look a bit like a cloud and the black and white accessories were a bit harsh. Natasha Bedingfield, right, looked great in a white, sequined mini dress.

I couldn't find a good picture, but the Princesses , Beatrice and Eugenie, seems to be quite fashionable!

If you haven't already read my last post, keep scrolling down! I'm gonna try to post more this summer so if anyone has some ideas for what to post, please share!

Friday, June 22, 2007

7 Little Secrets

[music: Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie]

After being tagged by The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Genuine Inspiration and Pearls and Purses I have decided to finally get down to business. Slow, I know. I meant to do this over a week ago but then I got shoved off the computer and haven't gotten around to it since! So, here goes:

1. I have an obsession with Elton John. I was just listening to him, in fact!

2. I love aloe vera lotion. Sometimes, I hope that I'll get burnt just so that I can put on aloe!

3. I don't use normal toothpaste. Currently I'm using Dr. Burt's 'Cinna Mint' which is made with parsley and chlorophyll (yuck, I know) and before that I was using Kiss My Face Aloe Toothpaste. What's next on my list? One of the many flavours from
Breath Palette - if only I could decide what kind!

4. I enjoy making funny faces. It's sort of a hobby, actually. Smiles just get so dull after a while and funny faces are just so much funner!

5. I love to dress up. I try to make everything much dressier than it actually is and I would wear dresses and heels everywhere but I think I'd end up looking a little overdressed.

6. I can't swim. At all. If you put me in the water I would probably drown! So, if anyone's looking to get rid of me I suggest you throw me in the ocean! Actually, a pool would do just fine.

7. I love Jesus Christ with everything in me - he's the reason I'm alive and he's blessed me so much!

And who do I tag? Uh. I have no idea. Anyone who comes across theis blog and hasn't done this little activity yet has been tagged!

Tomorrow, I might possibly post so come check! I make no promises, though.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Toile

[music: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens]

I have an obsession: toile. I always loved toile (it's gorgeous, how can you not!) but I finally found out what it was called and now I can't get enough! I don't own a lot of toile - only one pair of black toile flats - but these are some wonderful toile pieces I found!

These two strapless dresses (left, $69.95 USD at Anthropologie; right, $69.99 USD at Ann Taylor) are very fresh and great for dressy summer events. The black and white toile is a bit more formal while the red is playful but still dressed-up.

These two pieces combine a casual style with black toile. The dress (left, $112 USD by Torn from ShopBop) incorporates a bubble hem but I don't like the way it's all put together. The sweater ($134 USD by Torn from ShopBop) is very cute - toile is definitely not a pattern you often see on hoodies!

Old Navy's jumped on the toile bandwagon, as well! The shorts (left, $26.50 USD from Old Navy) use a khaki toile which is a much more natural color. The flats (right, $19.50 USD from Old Navy) come in a few colors and both of these options are easy to wear and inexpensive.

I am absolutely in love with these flats ($237.00 USD by Dior from eLuxury)! The bows, the charms, the toile - it's all so perfect!

I apologize for the template - it's a bit of a wreck right now as I'm 'remodeling'. This is my last week of school and exams finish the week after that so hopefully I'll be able to find much more time to blog!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


[music: Outside Looking In by Jordan Pruitt]

This is a dress I bought a little while ago at Urban Planet. Right now, I'm wearing it with a yellow t-shirt and black leggings underneath and a navy blue necklace. I love the bold pattern and summer colors. If you have any more suggestions of what to pair it with, I'd love to hear, because, I'm actually quite awful at putting together outfits.

By the way, those crazy numbers in the 'Title' space have no meaning. I just hate to leave the 'Title' blank.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


[music: Spies by Coldplay]

So that hiatus lasted a lot longer than I expected. Quebec was amazing - and the shopping was fabulous! So something I've been considering for a while is a total revamp of this here blog - new name, new URL, new header, new everything. I started this blog as more of a journal but it's morphed into a fashion blog and now I'm looking for new ideas so that the look of the site fits the content. If you have any ideas for a name or a layout theme or anything at all, let me know! My creative juices haven't quite started flowing yet...