Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turkish Delight

So, I always feel like updating my blog in the morning but then I tell myself no because, it's better to write in the evening cause I have more to say but I'm too lazy!! I have to do homework today and I wanna get it done even though I only have 5 hours cause yesterday my friend was over from after school and I had a sleep over till this morning and then I'm babysitting.

My new favourite song is 'Turkish Delight' by David Crowder Band from that Inspired by Narnia CD which I pretty much want to get it. I've listened to clips of that song so much but now I'm getting the full version of it and I'm happy!!

I wanted to relax today and sleep in tomorrow but I can't because today I'm doing homework and tomorrow morning is church. Oh well, I can't really complain! I at least hope we have a good lunch today, though.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just Relax... Who Knows When Else You'll Get The Chance

Tomorrow is really, really the start of school which is totally sad because, who wants to go to school in all honesty? Learning would be ace... that is, if it wasn't so totally monotonous. So today, I'm just gonna breathe easy - stay in my pajamas till 4 o'clock and cuddle with my puppy - that's what I'm all about! I am totally ecstatic to see my friends again but, why can't we do that at the mall instead of school thank-you very much!

So anyways, watched that Felecity movie this morning - ya know the one on the WB that aired like, 3 weeks ago tehe! It was good and the youngest sister is soooo cute! Her name in the real world is Eulala Grace Scheel. Actually, most of the girls in that movie - Shailene Woodley, Katie Henney, Juliet Holland-Rose - are quite gorgeous.

Not to mention Kevin Zegers, who happens to be just a little bit of a hottie! If you don't believe me, see for yourself...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome Back to Yours Truly!

After 2 weeks of visiting historic monuments, shopping till my daddy's back account is dry and stuffing my face with absolutely tantalizing food - I'm back! So, did ya miss me?

So, I guess it's the 2nd of January - weird! I spent New Years Eve on a 12 hour trains and ate at Pizza Hut (sehr deutsch, translation: very german - or maybe not so much) surrounded by exploding fire crackers (and being as half-witted as I am, I believed my dad when he told me Germany was being bombed - oh wow). New Years Day wasn't much better, 14 hours of flights, breaking my back lugging my 'bloated' and over packed suitcase (although it is embellished with white hawaiin flowers on a pink background which makes the agony a little better) and total exhaustian on my part. But, I guess it's worth it because now I can spend as much time as I want sleeping, watching English TV and stuffing my face with the remains of my desolate advent calender (how I absolutely adore those things) in the comfort of my home. Anyways, now I am completely langourous but headed for the mall which can give any day a sprinkle of hullabaloo!

That's it for me because, honestly, how much time can you waste writing something no one will ever read?