Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Feeling a Bit Faint

I fainted today. It was my first faint of ever in the 14 years I have lived. I have to say it was a good faint though. Let me explain. We were at the Party Program which is this thing at thet hospital where they tell you/show y ou all types of car accidents and for this one part we went into the ICE or Trauma Section or one of those places and we went into a room with a dummy. It had fake wounds and all but it actually looked sorta real. So anyways, I have never been to good with injuries and blood and all that stuff so about 10 minutes into the presentation I started to feel a little bit dizzy and everything started going black and that's the last thing I remember before I regained consciousness. But apparently I went extremely pale and white and had a graceful and slow fall. When I was conscious again I was sitting on the floor and all my classmates were also sitting (apparently after I fainted my best friend started crying and one of my other friends almost started crying and a bunch of people thought they were gonna faint so they all just sat down) and I was sitting in an akward position and this lady was telling me to breath and my teacher was rubbing my back and then I got some McCain (however you write that) apple juice and that's my story!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


As you can tell, I am quite excited about my new templete that the one and only most wonderfulest Lizzie made for me!!! IT'S SO FABULOUS!!! Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU LIZZIE!!! You can tell I'm rpetty excited because of the amount I am typing in capitals, but please know these are happy-thankful capitals rather than angry-bad capitals. I don't usually type in capitals at all. Except for at the beginning of every sentance because I like my spelling and grammer to be correct which THANK-YOU AGAIN TO LIZZIE WHO DID EVERYTHING ON MY TEMPLATE IN SUCH NICE GRAMMER AND WORDING!!! I would like to continue thanking you but you might become slightly annoyed by that. Anyways, I will be gone to Edmonton for the weekend until Sunday night - I will miss you Lizzie!!! But now I have a tummy ache and must go lie down. I wish I could make something cool for you in return for your website or something but I am not exactly good with computers. I will ponder this dilemma I am faced with.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Undercover Agent

She's my best friend at all, but sometime's she really, really gets on my nerves. And I don't know why because it never used to be this way, I think our closeness is coming to an end, but both of us are too afraid of what might happen and what might change if we start too drift away. So we're hanging together by a thread. But then again, maybe it's all just in my head. But, today when she wasted an entire class to do homework by counting the math questions instead of doing them, well, that bugged me. She counted 62 questions. I finished 52 of those questions in class. And it also bothers me how I got the awards for personal best in humanities and computers. I mean, computers the teacher just likes me because he liked my brother who now happens to be a graduate, or so I think. But humanities? I hate humanities. The teacher doesn't teach us and I don't like her and I just don't try in humanities. So, here I go again with my theories: the teacher is trying to make some sort of truce with me. I haven't figured out the details but she wants me to like her. I feel just like Nancy Drew. Minus the cool vintage clothes. But speaking of cool vintage and thrift clothes, I hear about a good thrift store called Lollipop right in my city and I am quite excited to check it out. Apparently they sell Roxy and stuff there.

And I want a knee-length, zebra-print coat. Just like the one in Just My Luck. And, although Lindsay Lohan isn't one of my role models, I like the movie. Especially Lindsay's movie friends housing facility. It rocked, they should've done every scene there.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yay For the Hippies!

This is why I'm mad at my teacher. We had our exam today so my teacher (this was yesterday) tells us we have to go to bed at a reasonable time and should tape The Amazing Race instead of watching it (since the majority of our class watches that show). So, I watch a little more than half of it and tape the rest. Today she tells us who won The Amazing Race. She tells us, expecting us to know already, when she wouldn't even let us watch it. Heer exact line was, "Yay for the hippies," and seeing as there's only one team of hippies I sorta figured it out. Screw her!

Muffins in the Morning

It's exam time!!! Aaahhhhh, well, actually, it's not exactly exam time until like 3 weeks but we have an LA exam today. It doesn't even go on our report card yet we have to waste 2.5 hours of our fabulous lives writing a stupid story and a stupid letter. At least I get an extra casual day. I have to leave to go to school in like, 5 minutes cause we have to be at the school at 8:20 even though exams start at 9:00. And why do we have to be there 40 mintues early? Well so we can eat muffins and walk around the school, of course. Doesn't everybody do that? You can probably tell I'm a little annoyed about having to wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. To eat muffins. I don't even enjoy muffins in the morning. Grrrr, wel, now I really do have to leave. So sorry Lizzie for abandoning my blog as well as you! How would I survive without you?